Brock Lesnar: ‘I’m Not Afraid Of Dying, But I Did Get Spooked By A Moose’

Brock Lesnar: ‘I’m Not Afraid Of Dying, But I Did Get Spooked By A Moose’ WWE

Brock Lesnar is a man whose muscles have muscles, and it’s hard to think that he’d ever be scared of anything, because he’d just sweat on it and then suplex it.

Speaking to The Michael Kay Show, Lesnar admitted he was once scared of a moose, but claims he isn’t scared of something as trivial as dying.

He said:

No [I’m not afraid of anything]. I’m not afraid of dying. I’ve lived a complete life. I’m not scared to die. I’d be disappointed for my children. Last fall, I did get a little spooked by a bull moose. I got charged a little bit in the bush by a bull moose. For a second I got a little flustered. I contained myself and I shot him. Yeah [I ate him]. Absolutely [delicious].”

Roman Reigns to dress as a moose for their WrestleMania 38 match? It might be his best chance of winning.

Lesnar and Reigns will go one-on-one in their winner-takes-all match in the main event of WrestleMania Night Two, or as WWE is calling it, WrestleMania Sunday.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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