AEW Name Praises WWE’s Brock Lesnar For His Uniqueness

1 month ago by Sanchez Taylor

AEW Name Praises WWE’s Brock Lesnar For His Uniqueness WWE

AEW Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett has praised WWE’s Brock Lesnar for his uniqueness.

Lesnar has always been presented as one of WWE’s most dominant stars, both before and after his successful run in the UFC.

Speaking on his My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, Jarrett argued that it will take people time to appreciate how unique of an athlete Lesnar is.

Praising The Beast, Lesnar said:

“I think in today’s social media digital world, and all the water under the bridge under Brock, good or bad, I think it’s gonna take a little time for people to really digest how unique of an athlete, performer, MMA fighter, professional wrestler, (and) human being Brock is.

“He had started, of course amateur wrestling, but started in professional wrestling and then got out of it and had his MMA run. Then he’s come back, and his matches are not anything like you see.

“But there’s a boatload of psychology behind it. Shout-out to Paul Heyman. There’s just a really good feel about it.

“I always looked at Brock, when he was in MMA, Vince is loaning him out, but what is Vince really doing? He’s just doing some character development over at this other brand because I’m gonna get him back (laughs).

“I really always looked at their relationship, that Vince just said, ‘Yeah, Brock, go make your money and develop your character a little bit more, but not on my dime.'”

Lesnar is set to face Bobby Lashley at the February 18 Elimination Chamber premium live event.

Check out the announced card for Elimination Chamber 2023 right here.

Transcription via Fightful

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