Brodus Clay Recalls John Cena Using Bathroom Break To Get Him On WWE WrestleMania 28

Brodus Clay Recalls John Cena Using Bathroom Break To Get Him On WWE WrestleMania 28 WWE

Former WWE star Tyrus (Brodus Clay) has revealed that John Cena stopped Vince McMahon from cutting him from the WrestleMania 28 line-up.

At the April 2012 event, Tyrus held a ‘Funkasaurus’ party segment with a bunch of ‘mamas’, moments before John Cena and The Rock made their entrances for their ‘Once in a Lifetime’ bout.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Tyrus noted that the original plan was for him to wrestle Heath Slater, but the match was cut due to time constraints.

Explaining how Cena faked a bathroom break to get him on a WrestleMania stage, Tyrus said:

“We were supposed to have a match with Heath Slater, but time got cut. Cena did one of the most selfless things that a top guy doesn’t have to do. (Vince McMahon) was shaking his head, the match before went over and they were heavy on time. Vince was shaking his head and was like I think we have to cut it.

“All of a sudden Cena is getting ready, looks at me and says ‘I got to go the bathroom.’ I’m like what? He said ‘6 minutes?’ And he just left, now I had to go! I’m out and I got my WrestleMania moment because Cena had to go to the bathroom.”

John Cena recently teased a WWE feud with Theory, calling the rising talent his favorite current WWE star.

Theory has since responded to Cena, which you can read more about right here.

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