Bron Breakker Recalls Being Backstage At AEW Show In Atlanta

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Bron Breakker Recalls Being Backstage At AEW Show In Atlanta

Bron Breakker has been the breakout star of WWE’s NXT 2.0 rebrand, with him taking the NXT Championship from Tommaso Ciampa at the NXT New Year’s Evil show on January 4.

Despite taking to wrestling like a duck to water, wrestling was not Breakker’s first choice of profession, as he was still aiming to take his talents to football.

Breakker received a lot of attention from the wrestling world through being the son of Rick Steiner, but was still focused on football, so didn’t entertain wrestling offers.

Breakker recently spoke to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, where he spoke about being backstage at an AEW show in Atlanta with his dad during his football days.

He said:

“No. I was just focused on football at that point. I went to an AEW show when I was playing football. My dad is really good friends with a lot of people that work in the back. I just got to meet those guys, go to a wrestling match because it was in my backyard in Atlanta, right down the street. Just went down there to meet people. It was cool,”

WWE announced it’s Next In Line (NIL) program back in December, designed to help college athletes transition to a life in WWE. Breakker spoke about the program, saying he believes it will have a big payoff.

He said:

“It’s a great program. It’s very cool and shows that we are recruiting athletes from all over the world and we have scouts out there just like any other sport where they are scouting guys and looking for the next big thing. It’s cool. It’s a great program and it’s going to have a huge payoff with people. It’s going to be exciting and a cool thing for athletes to be part of. It’s going to be great.”

Bron Breakker capturing the NXT Championship back on January 4 marked the fourth championship change in WWE for 2022. For a list of all championship changes for the year, click here.

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