Bron Breakker Opens Up About Last-Minute Major Appearance

5 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Bron Breakker Opens Up About Last-Minute Major Appearance WWE

Bron Breakker has opened up about shouldering the last-minute responsibility of inducting the Steiner Brothers into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Steiner Brothers were one of the most iconic tag teams of the 1990s, seeing them capture the WCW World Tag Team Championship on seven different occasions, as well as the WWF Tag Team Championship on two occasions.

The two-time NXT Champion inducted his father Rick and his uncle Scott Steiner at this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Dallas over WrestleMania 38 weekend.

Speaking on The Black Announce Table, Breakker said that the decision to have him induct the legendary team was made at the last minute by the company.

He explained:

“I actually never got a phone call. Nobody told me like clear-cut, ‘You’re doing it’. I heard that they announced them and I knew that I was going to be a part of that in some form or fashion and I just kind of assumed that I was going to be the one to induct them but they didn’t really tell me until like a couple days before — a day before — I can’t really remember, but I just remember not knowing until we were kind of going.

“That was such a great time, such a fun weekend. So much fun.”

Breakker recently defended his NXT Championship at NXT Halloween Havoc against Ilja Dragunov and JD McDonagh, pinning Dragunov to retain the title.

The Steiner Brothers’ induction came after years of Scott speaking out against the pair ending up in the WWE Hall of Fame, which is why their induction came as a surprise to many.

Transcription courtesy of WrestlingInc.

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