Bronson Reed Explains Why He Missed Bound For Glory

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Bronson Reed Explains Why He Missed Bound For Glory

IMPACT Wrestling held it’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view back on October 23, and many names planned to appear on the show did not appear.

One of those names, who was actually written into the show at one point, before later being written out when he would not be appearing, was former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed (now known as Jonah Rock, or simply JONAH).

Jonah recently appeared on WrestlingInc Daily, where he spoke about how he has been fairing as a free agent in recent months. Jonah said:

“Well, I’m not at liberty to say exactly what’s going to happen, but I am at the moment, this week, getting everything confirmed with immigration, so everything should be good to go, wherever I do go, but basically, I feel like the last few years exposed me to the rest of the world. People got to see what Bronson Reed had to offer but not really what JONAH had to offer. I was very much set in a mold of what WWE wanted me to be, so going forward, it’s more what I myself want to be as JONAH. So I’m looking to have some pretty cool matches and fun matches, a little different to what I did in WWE.”

Jonah went on to talk about the Visa process, and how it led to the IInspiration missing IMPACT’s Slammiversary show. He added:

“It’s a complete nightmare. That’s how it works, but no issues. Everything’s pretty much set in stone now. I have a great set of lawyers, actually, helping me out. As of next week, things should be set in stone for me to be able to work places. I’m not gonna say anything, but I think November, you’ll get to see JONAH around some places.”

Finally, Jonah was asked about the rumours that he would be at Bound for Glory that never came to fruition. While Jonah did not outright admit to being planned for Bound for Glory, he did heavily imply that Visa issues led to him missing the show. He explained:

“At the moment, it’s everything to do with immigration, so I’m not able, legally, to do anything wrestling wise until all my immigration is sorted, but it should be sorted very soon, and I’m very happy about that,”

Bronson Reed was perhaps the most shocking name released from WWE back on August 6, and reportedly has interest from several major promotions to aquire his services.

quote via WrestlingInc

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