JONAH (Bronson Reed) Reveals He Was Originally Scanned To Be In WWE 2K22

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

JONAH (Bronson Reed) Reveals He Was Originally Scanned To Be In WWE 2K22

WWE 2k22 is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022, and is set to feature numerous new and returning features, including the highly anticipated return of General Manager mode, in the form of ‘MyGM’.

One problem the 2k Developers have run into is having to remove stars from the game that WWE has released over the last year, with many of them at various levels of development.

JONAH (FKA Bronson Reed) recently spoke to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, where he revealed that he was originally planned to feature in the game, having had all of his scans done prior to his WWE release on August 6.

JONAH said:

“I did the scans. All the different facial feature scans, and then I came in to do a separate scanning which was all my tattoos, stuff like that. And then I was sent videos from the mo-cap people of them doing all my maneuvers, making sure that they were all right and stuff. So, I was all ready to be in there (in the game), but I don’t think that’s happening now.

“I would love to be in the game, and the thing is, I think if they were smart, that would appeal to a lot of the fans as well – that they go, ‘Oh, WWE kept these people in game’, or if we’re unlockable characters, however you wanna do it. Nowadays you pay for them (laughs). It’s something that you should do.

“I think it would just be more so they would have to pay me royalties, I don’t think I would have to sign off on anything because I’ve already done the scans, everything like that. It’d just be more so if they would wanna pay me any money (laughs).”

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You can watch the full interview below:

JONAH isn’t the only released WWE star who revealed they were planned for the game, as Top Dolla and Ashante Adonis of Hit Row also said that they had met with the 2k developers to work on them featuring as DLC in the game.

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