Bruce Prichard Comments On New Nation Of Dominaton In WWE

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Bruce Prichard Comments On New Nation Of Dominaton In WWE

WWE Raw and SmackDown executive director Bruce Prichard has commented on rumours of a new Nation of Domination group forming.

Many people believed that was the plan for the Hurt Business of MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin, especially considering Ron Simmons and Mark Henry were in attendance for recent TV tapings.

However, MVP has clarified that isn’t the case, and Prichard has now said he doesn’t think something like that could exist nowadays. Speaking on his podcast, Prichard said:

“I don’t know if something like that could exist now, I mean you never know, but it was a unique way to put Ron Simmons in a prominent spot and be able to protect Ron in the ring because Ron was injured at the time, and we wanted to protect him and keep him healthy as long as we possibly could. And I think it was a strong group.

“Don’t know if you could do that today. I do know, you probably couldn’t do that today, you’re not the same form, but I thought it was a pretty damn cool group. You know, I thought it was a great avenue for Ron Simmons and The Rock.”

Prichard also spoke about how the creative team adapts and adjusts over time, saying:

“It’s the world! You know the world changes. Tastes change and what the audience is looking for changes over time, and you adapt and you try to adapt to your audience and change. Change is good. If you look at any programming, it’s all for the audience more than anything else, and I think during the time when you go back and you look at the change from the WWF: The New Generation to the Attitude Era, that was during the time that people had a lot more attitude.

“Our society had more attitude. So, in looking at that, that helped changed the product, and look at Ruthless Aggression, that was a shoot. That was during a time of you know, ‘who wants to step up and take it?’ And over time, s**t changes. So, you got to change with the times.”

Quotes via WrestlingInc

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