Bruce Prichard Expected To Leave WWE Soon?

7 months ago by Liam Winnard

Bruce Prichard Expected To Leave WWE Soon? WWE

Paul Levesque (Triple H) has already made some big changes to WWE, both with what see on-screen and also backstage.

The most notable backstage change happened in recent days when Jeff Jarrett left the company and his role as Vice President of Live Events Creative was very soon taken over by the returning ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James, who was part of Levesque’s backstage team in NXT before WWE released him this past January.

The changes are likely to continue, and there’s a lot of speculation about the future of Bruce Prichard, who many people, including WWE’s own wrestlers, see as a ‘Vince McMahon guy’.

In today’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote:

This will lead to questions about Prichard in his spot and time will tell. Prichard is a guy who gets that his job is to service his boss. Talent thinks he’s a Vince McMahon guy with more of an idea of the entertainment side and that Levesque is more wrestling, but I think Prichard will service whatever vision Levesque wants. Nobody expects a lot of changes in a hurry but they do expect changes as Levesque will more and more bring in his guys

Of course we’ll let you know of any more news regarding the shake-up in WWE led by the new regime.

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