Bryan Danielson Answers The Bedroom Question We’ve All Been Asking

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Bryan Danielson Answers The Bedroom Question We’ve All Been Asking

Despite his addiction to being chopped in wrestling matches, Bryan Danielson doesn’t want Brie Bella doing it to him in bed.

Danielson has had his chest turned to raw burger meat in pretty much every match he’s had in AEW so far, so naturally the first thing people think about is whether his wife does that to him in the bedroom.

Wait that’s not the first thing people think about? Oh. Well anyway.

Apparently one person that has thought about it is actually Brie herself, because she mentioned it on the latest episode of the creatively named Bellas Podcast, and Danielson’s response has put to bed any of the images that you’ve been playing in your dirty minds. Yes, you.

He said:

Danielson: “Part of me, I’m not competitive at all, but there’s something about the physical nature of wrestling that just makes me feel alive. The chops, a lot of people hate getting chopped because it does hurt. For whatever reason, I don’t hate it, it makes me feel things. It’s not even a rush, it’s just a sensory experience. I can close my eyes, think of the thing, and experience the vibration of the crowd’s reaction.”

Brie Bella: “Is this something I should bring to the bedroom, chopping you?”

Danielson: “No, no, no. There are people who are super into that and I don’t want to take anything away from them, that’s other people’s thing. I experience enough pain in my regular life that I do not want it in the bedroom.”

Danielson also said he’s not aggresive in the bedroom either, just in case you wanted to know that.

You’re welcome.

Bryan Danielson is set for action on tonight’s AEW Dynamite against Rocky Romero before he faces Miro at Full Gear on Saturday.

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