Bryan Danielson Reveals Brie Bella’s Reaction To Him Joining AEW

Bryan Danielson Reveals Brie Bella’s Reaction To Him Joining AEW

Bryan Danielson has revealed how his wife Brie Bella reacted to him signing with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The Bella twins obviously have a great relationship with WWE, and were even made Hall of Famers this past April, so people have been wondering what the reaction was.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Danielson said:

“Brie’s great. She literally just wanted me to be happy. She was always like ‘Hey, whatever you decide, I want to 100% support you’. So there was never any pressure from her being like ‘Hey, this might affect Total Bellas’ or anything like that. She never wants to even talk about that. She was like ‘I just want you to be happy’. And so I’m a very lucky man to have such a supportive wife.”

After his debut at All Out, Bryan Danielson was asked about the possibility of Brie ever joining him in AEW, and he said:

“I mean, that would be a very difficult… it was hard for me to come here, right? Because I have so many ties within WWE. She’s happy there, she has so many business connections there. So, I don’t know.”

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2 years ago by Liam Winnard


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