Buff Bagwell Trends After Spreading Positivity On Twitter

12 months ago by Amanda Savage

Buff Bagwell Trends After Spreading Positivity On Twitter WWE

Buff Bagwell is in the news for a positive reason after a series of adorable exchanges with fans have reminded the internet about Buff Daddy.

After Bagwell was noted to compliment Nyla Rose while tweeting during Friday’s episode (March 25) of AEW Rampage and someone responded with a hateful message, Bagwell shut the comment down, writing: “This will not be tolerated on Buff Daddy’s timeline.”

Later, Bagwell wrote:

“Some people were surprised with my tweet last night about Nyla Rose, but I’m 100% behind the #LGBTQ community.”

52 year old Bagwell then went on to get a primer in Twitter slang, learning the meaning of several new words and going on to flex his new vocab, tweeting:

“Let’s do a recap, I’m a based chad, and though I don’t personally enjoy bussy I get why others do. Am I missing anything?”

Bagwell recently announced that he was moving in with Diamond Dallas Page to gain accountability for his longtime struggles with addiction and to begin a recovery process with structured support.

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