Bullet Club Member Says Group Allowed Him To Become ‘Everything He Wanted’

Bullet Club Member Says Group Allowed Him To Become ‘Everything He Wanted’ NJPW

A Bullet Club member says the group allowed him to become “everything he wanted” in wrestling.

On the final day of this year’s Best Of Super Juniors tournament in June, IMPACT Wrestling’s Ace Austin joined the acclaimed Bullet Club stable.

Since then, he has often competed in tag team and multi-man bouts alongside his fellow stablemates, including Chris Bey, Hikuleo and Juice Robinson.

Speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Austin mentioned that he didn’t foresee his allegiance to the Bullet Club because he always viewed himself as an individual.

He said:

“That’s definitely not something I ever saw coming. I’ve always been really particular about my unique personality.”

“I’ve always wanted a special, unique side of things to show. I saw the impact that [Bullet Club] had on the industry, and I always thought to myself, how can I have an impact like that on the industry?”

“So, just riding that line all these years, seeing how big it got. Then I thought – it just never occurred to me that was something I would get close to being a part of.”

In regards to joining the group, Ace Austin noted that joining Bullet Club would help him learn how to stand out.

He said:

“I was like, if I wanna know how to have that impact, what better way to learn than right from the inside?”

“When they asked me that question, I was totally blown away by it. It just didn’t feel like where I was headed, but the fact of the matter is, they recruit the best of the best.”

“The only way in is to really be one of the top guys, so it was a validation, that’s for sure.”

Despite his initial reservations, Austin admitted that being in the Bullet Club has allowed him to become everything he always wanted to be.

He said:

“Bullet Club has become one the very few things in wrestling with no limits. There are reaches everywhere.”

“I am, through Bullet Club, getting to become everything I wanted to be. Unbound, limitless, I’m able to make impressions everywhere.”

“I don’t have to be confined to one box, one place. Man, that’s really, really cool.”

At tonight’s IMPACT Over Drive 2022 event, Ace Austin will team with fellow Bullet Club member Chris Bey to face The Motor City Machine Guns of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

We will have breaking news from the IMPACT Over Drive show on the home page.

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