Bully Ray Thinks Jon Moxley Should Have Apologised To Fans During Return Promo

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Bully Ray Thinks Jon Moxley Should Have Apologised To Fans During Return Promo

Jon Moxley made his triumphant return to AEW TV this past week, cutting a fantastic promo to announce he was back and ready to eat blood and more Jon Moxley things.

Moxley took around 3 months away from the ring after entering himself into a rehab program for alcohol addiction.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray said he really enjoyed Moxley opening the show and cutting a promo, but feels it would have been more effective if he had apologised to fans.

He said:

“I did enjoy that they started off with Moxley. They came out with a bang, people were ready for it and Moxley said what he needed to say. However, I would have liked to have heard just a little bit of accountability from Jon. I understand the whole demons thing and we always use the word demons as a creative word to get around the real issues. Whether it’s an alcohol issue, whether it’s a drug issue. In Tommy [Dreamer’s] case it’s an eating issue. Everybody has some kind of demon that they have to get around.”

He went on:

“We have our demons. These demons got the best of Jon for a time period where he had to step away from AEW. I would have liked to have heard him say a bit of an apology to the AEW fans. You don’t have to apologize to the boys even though the boys do count on you but any one of those guys and gals could have the same problems that you did. And trust me, I came up in an era where a slew of men and women had their demons.”

He didn’t want Moxley to come out and specifically say “sorry”, but does feel he should have admitted he let down the fans.

“The fans expect a little bit more from you. What about the fans that bought tickets to see AEW and Jon Moxley while Jon was away taking care of his problems I’m very happy that he left and took care of his problem. And he looked incredibly healthy last night. And I love everything that he said. I just would have loved to have heard a little bit of accountability. I don’t know if I’m sorry is necessarily the right word but maybe endear yourself a little bit to the crowd if you felt you let them down. This is coming from me, the hard ass of all hard asses.

“Personally, if it was me in the same situation, the first thing I would have said is ‘guys, I’m sorry if I let you down’…I think that would have been the proper thing to do.”

Moxley was the second ever AEW World Champion. You can see the full history of the title so far at this link.

Credit to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription.

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