Hall Of Famer Warns WWE Against Making Same Mistakes With Bray Wyatt

Hall Of Famer Warns WWE Against Making Same Mistakes With Bray Wyatt WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has weighed in about the return of Bray Wyatt, highlighting mistakes WWE should avoid with the character.

Wyatt returned at WWE Extreme Rules on October 8, after weeks of teases which took the form of a viral internet alternate reality game.

Wyatt address the audience for the first time on the most recent episode of SmackDown (October 14), where he delivered a promo that seemed to come more from his own real experiences as much as they did from kayfabe.

Now Bully Ray has offered his opinion on the return, speaking on the Busted Open podcast:

“It almost seems like Bray Wyatt coming out as Windham Rotunda, or Bray Wyatt, whatever you want to say, in his purest form, wanted to be good, wanted to bear his soul, but the voices in his head, the characters that he’s portrayed, just won’t let him. And that’s the road I think they’re going down. Got to be careful though.

“With The Fiend, they painted themselves into such a corner where this guy was impervious to pain. They have to be able to have this depth of character in which Bray Wyatt can still wrestle a match and work a match.”

He also spoke about an important issue that Wyatt faced during his first WWE run:

“My biggest fear for The Fiend was, what happens when the bell rings and the house lights go up. Now what? Now he’s just another pro wrestler. In a ring, you have this character that has so many layers.

“It’s so deep, but then once the bell rings, you’re a pro wrestler and you gotta wrestle a match. And that’s where the disconnect came from me with The Fiend.”

For speculation about where Bray Wyatt’s return could end up taking him, check out our feature Five Things Bray Wyatt’s SmackDown Promo Could Be Leading To.

Transcript courtesy of Sportskeeda.

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