Cain Velasquez Reveals He Has Discussed AAA Lucha Libre Match With UFC Hall Of Famer

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Cain Velasquez Reveals He Has Discussed AAA Lucha Libre Match With UFC Hall Of Famer WWE

Cain Velasquez has revealed that he has discussed competing in an AAA Lucha Libre match with a UFC Hall of Famer.

Cain Velasquez has taken a love and respect for professional wrestling and transitioned from UFC Heavyweight Champion to pro wrestler having already competed for AAA and WWE.

In 2022, another UFC great Daniel Cormier made his WWE debut as the special guest referee for the Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules.

Appearing on Konnan’s K100 podcast, Velasquez revealed that he and Cormier talked about participating in a match together for AAA. Cain said:

“Daniel Cormier was actually at my house yesterday, him and Luke Rockhold came over. DC, we talked about doing a match as well — like doing something with me, him, AAA.”

“For me, man, it’s just good that I get to have like my family involved in it. You know, my kids get to watch it and they love it.”

Velasquez continued on that he is a big fan of AAA and WWE, so he wanted to bring his family to share the experience with him, saying:

“They’re big fans of AAA and WWE. I’m just glad I get to bring my family into the sport that I’m doing now. With fighting, it wasn’t like that. I had to like kind of shelter them throughout that whole thing.”

AAA booker Konnan admitted that he would be excited to work with Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez in AAA.

Velasquez recently wrestled for AAA Lucha Libre on their December 3 event in Tempe, Arizona.

Transcription via Fightful

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