Cain Velasquez Addresses Fans After Wrestling Return

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Cain Velasquez Addresses Fans After Wrestling Return WWE

Former UFC and WWE star Cain Velasquez addressed the fans following his match at a recent Lucha Libre AAA show.

During the December 3 AAA Tempe show, Velasquez teamed with Blue Demon JR and Pagano to defeat Gringo Loco, Sam Adonis & Taurus.

Velasquez had been granted permission to compete on this show by Judge Arthur Bocanegra of Santa Clara (California) County. His house confinement restriction was waived for the trip from December 1 until December 4.

Following the bout, Velasquez thanked fans for supporting him, taking to the mic to say:

“To be here, in front of you guys, right now, it’s a dream come true. I truly appreciate it all, what you guys have always done, supporting me, my family.”

Velasquez was released from jail on a $1 million bail on November 8, 2022 after being arrested in February on charges of Attempted Murder.

Back in February, Velasquez had allegedly chased down in his truck, and attempted to shoot, Harry Goularte, who had been alleged to have sexually assaulted a young relative of Velasquez.

Velasquez’s shot aimed at Goularte allegedly ended up hitting Goularte’s stepfather who was with Goularte in his vehicle at the time.

For the latest update on Velasquez’ case, click here.

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