What Happens When You Call Uncle Howdy

What Happens When You Call Uncle Howdy WWE

On tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown, another hidden clue appeared during Bray Wyatt’s segment. Find out what happens when you call the telephone number that flashed during Uncle Howdy’s vignette.

Continuing along the story arc of Bray Wyatt presenting one version of himself to the crowd, with Uncle Howdy working to spoil the adoration by serving as a reminder of his “true” self.

With Uncle Howdy continuing to say in his vignettes as tonight that Bray is a liar, now another clue.

After previously linking to a psych report regarding Bray Wyatt painting him as a highly disturbed individual, now perhaps more details on Wyatt’s treatment.

When you call the telephone number shown during the Howdy vignette (888-280-3999) you get dictation from what sounds to be a medical professional.

The male voice says:

“Patient suffers from delusions of grandeur, perhaps the most extreme incidence I’ve encountered.

“Concerns that no regime or treatment will be able to counteract the imbalance of pattern in the patient’s psyche. 

“Prone to disorganized thought patterns that communicate a sense of unmatched importance.

“Bouts of isolation has seems to have amplified their inner monologue and honestly blocked out any outside voice. 

“In short, the patient would need to think as highly of a medical practitioner as they do themselves and honestly that seems to border on the impossible.

“I’ve become concerned that this patient has become such a danger to themselves and anyone that they encounter that… Hello? Hello? Is someone there? Hello? I…”

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And the line cuts off!

On tonight’s SmackDown, Uncle Howdy’s voice wasn’t alone. Find out what other voice featured in the vignette for the first time by clicking here.

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