Cameron Grimes Celebrates Becoming A Homeowner

6 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Cameron Grimes Celebrates Becoming A Homeowner WWE

NXT star Cameron Grimes has opened up about becoming a first-time homeowner, sharing a touching message to social media.

Grimes currently performs on the NXT brand, and is both a former NXT North American Champion and the final Million Dollar Champion.

In a post on Instagram, Grimes posed in front of his new abode. The star captioned the post:

“Today is the greatest moment of my life so far.

“In sixth grade my father and I moved into my grandmothers home and from then until I graduated High school I shared a 100 sqft room with my father. I then moved to Burlington NC to continue to chase my dream.

“Through that process I slept on every couch that I could possibly sleep on until I ran out of couches! Then I moved into our training facility and slept on the floor hiding the fact that I was living there. I then started to make it in wrestling and then could afford to rent a place to live and have been renting for the past 7 years.

“Today marks the greatest moment for me because now I am officially a Homeowner!”


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On Tuesday’s (October 11) edition of NXT, Grimes was challenged to a three-on-one match by Joe Gacy. Grimes countered that he would instead be bringing two stars from WWE Raw or SmackDown as backup.

An update recently emerged on future WWE main roster and NXT crossovers, which you can read about right here.

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