Candice LeRae Names WWE Hall Of Famer As Her Dream Opponent

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Candice LeRae Names WWE Hall Of Famer As Her Dream Opponent WWE

Candice LeRae has named a WWE Hall of Famer as her dream opponent.

Everyone in professional wrestling has a dream opponent. Whether it is a legend or a current star from a different promotion, each talent thinks about who they would want to face the most.

Speaking with Keith Whittier, Candice LeRae was asked about who her dream opponent would be. She answered simply:

“Shawn Michaels.”

LeRae has worked with HBK during her time in NXT and even paid tribute to him with her gear on the April 8, 2020 episode of NXT when she competed in a ladder match.

LeRae has stated in the past that she always wanted to be Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth when growing up. Elaborating on this memory and dream, Candice said:

“I adored Miss Elizabeth as a child. There was just something about the physicality, in-ring, that left me in awe when I watch wrestling.”

“It’s why I fell in love with wrestling, the wrestling part of it. I saw Randy Savage and I wanted that, so badly. I fell in love with him and the presence he had in the ring. ‘That’s everything I want to be one day.'”

“That presence, I want to be halfway as good as he is, I’d be totally pumped about. It’s special. That feeling he made me feel while watching, I loved it.”

Candice LeRae is set to compete in an Elimination Chamber qualifying fatal four way match against Mia Yim, Carmella and Piper Niven on the February 6 edition of WWE Raw.

Transcription via Fightful

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