Carmella & Corey Graves Want To Recreate ‘Live Sex Celebration’

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Carmella & Corey Graves Want To Recreate ‘Live Sex Celebration’ WWE

A WWE couple wants to create one of the most infamous segments in Raw history if they were ever an item on television.

Carmella and Corey Graves have been a couple behind the scenes for a few years, but they are bringing their relationship on-screen in a new YouTube reality show, “Corey and Carmella” on the WWE’s YouTube channel.

In the trailer for the series, the couple are very open about their sex life and it seems like Carmella wouldn’t mind that being an aspect of their characters on WWE television.

Speaking with Bleacher Report, Carmella admitted that she would be open to recreating the live sex celebration held by Edge and Lita in January 2006.

When asked about if they would like to have their relationship apart of WWE storylines, Carmella answered:

“I mean, there are a few things I can think I would enjoy doing on TV, maybe like recreating the Edge and Lita scene.”

Corey Graves followed up with:

“If it comes to it, awesome. It’s not something we’re actively fighting too hard for, but I think, I mean, to me, the best storylines in sports entertainment throughout history have been based in reality. You think, like, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, but we’re in a different situation where I’m a commentator, not an active competitor. She’s an active competitor, so it’s a different scenario as opposed to having two in-ring competitors or whatever that may be, but I think if the opportunity presents itself, we’d both be more than happy to jump because I think we can both provide some entertainment. Let’s be honest, who’s easier to hate right now than Corey Graves and Carmella?”

As previously mentioned, Corey Graves recently confirmed that he has been medically cleared for in-ring competition, but there are no plans for his return as of yet.

Graves and Carmella are both currently members of the Raw roster. You can check out the full current Raw roster at this link.

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