Carmella Accused Of Gimmick Theft By Jersey Shore Star

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Carmella Accused Of Gimmick Theft By Jersey Shore Star WWE

Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick has accused Carmella of gimmick infringement, following last week’s episode of WWE Raw.

During the episode, Carmella interrupted a segment exclaiming ‘umm hello?’, a catchphrase famously used by Angelina Pivarnick during the early seasons of Jersey Shore.

Following the show, Angelina took to Twitter to call Carmella out, writing:

Hey @CarmellaWWE you’re using my line !!! Wtf. Sooo you’re from Staten and you’re using ummmm hello too Hmmmmm #weird #comeupwithyourowns**t

Carmella replied to Angelina’s tweet over the weekend with a Mariah Carey ‘I don’t know her’ GIF.

Angelina then claimed that Carmella had based her whole gimmick off of her, tweeting:

“Bitch please. You know exactly who I am and your whole gimmick is based off of me and Staten Island lollllll @WWE @CarmellaWWE Please take several seats girl. Lol. Get your own s**t and cut the crap already. We spoke years ago when u first started with wwe lolllll. Bye”

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion replied with another GIF, this time from when Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino called Angelina a ‘dirty little hamster’ on the reality show.

Angelina has since noted that she’d be willing to fight Carmella for free, tweeting:

“I will fight her for free. F**k the money. Shows how serious I am. I’m sick of her trying to be me with the umhello catchphrase! Catch these hands for free. Everyone thinks I’m starting s**t which I’m not. She starts all the time with me then pretends she doesn’t know who I am.”

The Jersey Shore name even went off at Kayla Braxton, who had attempted to defend Carmella.

Well I’m sure the two sides are organising a civil debate as we speak… Probably…

Also on last week’s episode of Raw, Carmella & Natalya were defeated by Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair & SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan in tag team action.

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