Chad Gable Opens Up About ‘Tragic’ Jason Jordan Injury

Chad Gable Opens Up About ‘Tragic’ Jason Jordan Injury WWE

Chad Gable has opened up about his relationship with Jason Jordan, and Jordan’s transition into his backstage role.

Gable and Jordan notably teamed together as ‘American Alpha’ in NXT. The duo gained a lot of popularity on the Black & Gold brand before winning the NXT Tag Team Championship in April 2016.

Following the team’s main roster debut, Gable and Jordan went on to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship that December.

The duo went their separate ways in 2017 after Jordan was moved to Raw and was presented as Kurt Angle’s in-storyline son. Jordan last wrestled in January 2018, stepping away from the ring after suffering a career threatening neck injury.

He currently works as a WWE backstage producer.

Speaking with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc, Chad Gable noted that he and Jordan are still really close.

Stating that Jordan’s injury was tragic, Gable said:

“So Jason, I still consider one of my best friends. I mean, we grew so close in those few years that we were a tag team. And now that he’s producing, I always say a quick ‘thank you’ every time that he’s on with the producer sheet, under my match or my segment.

“Because our mindsets are so similar, exactly the same. So he knows he needs to tell me very little, and I know that I need to ask very little of him, because we’re basically going to say the same thing either way.

“We know how each other works, how we operate, and man, I’m just so happy he found a place after.”

“Because I mean, what a tragic thing to happen, to have an injury and such a promising career.

“I mean, he was on the upswing, and I think it was one of those situations where this character that they gave him that he started developing, people at first were like, ‘Oh, this isn’t working at all.’

“But they were just not quite seeing what it was going to be yet. And he was on that rise. He was there, man. He was finding his groove, and then just got cut down in his prime.

“So it’s sad, but I’m happy to see him. He’s having a lot of success. He’s happy doing the job he is, and he is really good at it. So it’s cool to see.”

Gable currently wrestles on the WWE Raw brand alongside Otis as Alpha Academy.

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