Chad Gable Reveals Why He Re-Signed With WWE

Chad Gable Reveals Why He Re-Signed With WWE WWE

Things may not be going well for Chad Gable on WWE television, but he has found himself in a great position in his career.

Recently, Chad Gable has found himself the victim of an attack by the Wyatt Sicks on the June 17 episode of WWE Raw and targeted by the group on the most recent episode.

Before the Wyatt Sicks attack, Gable had issues with his leadership of Alpha Academy, with the members leaving him.

Gable is in a better position behind-the-scenes, having recently signed a new WWE contract.

Speaking on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenburg, Gable addressed the #timing of the new deal, saying:

“The timing is unbelievable, I’ve reflected on it so much. These are the kinds of things that when they happen like this they make you question, like, there’s something to this, someone was looking out for me or fate or something because the stars just aligned. It was just too perfect.”

As for his reasons for signing a new WWE contract, Gable would go on to reveal:

“This is where I want to be. I’m like a loyal guy, right? So, I start somewhere I want to finish there. If I start something, anything, I want to finish it.

“I’m just so happy and fortunate that the idea of finishing it now looks different than it would have a few years ago, which would have just been like fulfilling my contract would have been finishing it because I wasn’t really doing anything.

“Now, finishing it means accomplishing things, winning championships and leaving a real legacy.”

Part of that legacy could see the Olympic athlete bring his knowledge to a leadership role, with Gable hoping to be a ‘guiding light‘ for newer WWE talent.

During the Cheap Heat interview, Gable also revealed that his plans had he not re-signed with WWE would have seen him return to education.

Gable signed with WWE in 2013 and went on to re-sign with the company in 2019, before re-signing again this year.

Transcript from F4W Online.

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