Major Chad Gable WWE Status Update After Wyatt Sicks Attack

Major Chad Gable WWE Status Update After Wyatt Sicks Attack WWE

A big update on WWE star Chad Gable after he was viciously attacked backstage by the Wyatt Sicks at the end of Raw on June 17.

Taking to social media, WWE Raw General Manager Adam Pearce shared an important update about the seemingly battered and injured Chad Gable.

First, Pearce noted that after some disruption to social accounts, WWE was now back in control of all of the accounts.

Also, not only is Chad Gable alive – he’s well enough to compete!

According to the update via Adam Pearce it was revealed that Gable will in fact be in the planned three-way Money in the Bank qualifier with Bronson Reed and Braun Strowman on the next episode of Raw.

Earlier in the week, WWE had announced that Gable was pulled from the match and replaced by Ilja Dragunov, so this new statement goes back on that.

The announcement video from Pearce does include multiple Wyatt Sicks screen glitches throughout.

Some people have even theorised that the video looks AI generated, meaning it could be entirely fabricated by the Wyatt Sicks, but it’s still up on WWE’s official account, so taking it at face value, Gable is back in the match.

In addition to the other interruptions, there’s a frightening jump scare of Nikki Cross / Abby The Witch to end the clip.

You can keep up with all the latest news from WWE by clicking this link.

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