Change To AEW Double Or Nothing Match

4 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Change To AEW Double Or Nothing Match

One of the most highly anticipated matches for AEW’s first official show, Double or Nothing, is Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros. Matt and Nick Jackson, along with Kenny Omega, were on a panel at C2EC in Chicago, they spoke about AEW, and announced a new stipulation for a match at the Double or Nothing show.

The Young Bucks appeared at an AAA show this month and captured the AAA Tag Team Championships from Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. The duo announced today that their match with Lucha Bros at Double or Nothing would be for their newly won titles.

The trio were also asked about the production of AEW and they said that the set will not be the same as All In in September 2018. Nick Jackson said that they have spent $100,000 more than they initially budgeted for the event and his brother Matt would go on to add:

”You should see the production we have going into this event. I’ve seen the mock-up for the set, we are sparing no expense, ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to be incredible.”

The duo were also asked how AEW will be presented, and they said it will attract not only wrestling fans, but anyone:

“We have a sense of humor, we think life is funny and wrestling is silly. We also like to think storylines should make sense and there should be continuity. One thing about our show is it’s going to be different in that way, we’re not going to treat this like a rasslin’ show, we’re going to treat this like a show you’d watch on Netflix, or HBO, or Showtime, something that you could genuinely be entertained by. Something that not just wrestling fans could watch, but anybody can watch and enjoy.”


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