Change Being Made To WWE Brawling Brutes Faction?

Change Being Made To WWE Brawling Brutes Faction? WWE

WWE SmackDown star Ridge Holland has hinted that a change will be made to the Brawling Brutes faction.

Holland is currently aligned with Butch (Pete Dunne) and Sheamus. In an interview with, Holland argued that the faction needs to be presented in a more serious manner moving forward.

Believing the group shouldn’t be involved in any more comedy segments, Holland said:

“We wanna really kick on now. It’s been kinda stop, start, so we wanna show people what we are capable of. I don’t even think we’ve scratched the surface with this group. We need to take on a bit of a more serious edge now.

“We’ve done some comedy stuff, and we really need to show people that we’ve got that mean streak and we’re not here to play games, you know?

“I think we’ve got a lot to give and a lot to show. I don’t think there’s a trio like us. The styles, we all mesh very well. So yeah, it would be nice to get our teeth stuck into something and show people what we’re capable of.”

At the September 3 Clash At The Castle premium live event, Sheamus will challenge for Gunther’s Intercontinental Championship. If Sheamus walks out of Cardiff with the gold, he will officially become a WWE Grand Slam Champion, following his previous WWE, US and tag title reigns.

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