Changes Made To WrestleMania Card ‘In The Last Week’

Changes Made To WrestleMania Card ‘In The Last Week’ WWE

With WrestleMania only five weeks away, a lot of the card has been officially locked in.

One match announcement that came as a surprise to a lot of people took place on this week’s Raw, when MVP challenged Brock Lesnar to a match at WrestleMania against Omos.

Many had expected Lesnar to face Bobby Lashley at the show, with many speculating the sudden addition of Omos was a Vince McMahon call.

Speaking about the WrestleMania card on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that, while he can’t say the change was due to Vince, the card for WrestleMania has seen some changes in the past week.

He said:

“I can’t say that was due to Vince, but I can say that was a change. Most of this WrestleMania card, most of this WrestleMania card was planned out…they actually planned out most of this card further in advance than usual, which is Paul Levesque’s credit probably.

“Usually, some of the top matches are planned out in December/November and then you kind of fill it in from there. This one, there’s a lot by October that they had. There’s definitely been many changes since October also.

“This was a change…I can’t say the day the Lesnar match changed and then it might change Monday too. I’m not sure if it’s a swerve, but I do know there were changes to the card in the last week or two for whatever that was.”

Lashley is seemingly set for a clash with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania following Bray’s promo on SmackDown ahead of Elimination Chamber.

Other plans have changed in recent weeks, mainly regarding the Raw women’s division, and a major return that was planned for this week’s show that did not occur.

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