Charlotte Flair Claims She Has The “Highest Losing Record” In WWE

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Charlotte Flair Claims She Has The “Highest Losing Record” In WWE

Charlotte Flair. Vince McMahon’s favourite and 10-time Women’s/Divas champion. She’s always booked to win everything, isn’t she?

Well, apparently not. Charlotte has claimed in an interview with Sportskeeda that she actually has the highest losing record of any female in WWE, and that fans are too quick to say she wins all the time because it’s not true.

“Ok, are you ready for a promo? Here is my exclusive promo. If you look at my stats, I have the highest losing record out of anyone on the roster. I think a detriment to me, which is also a positive, is that I am consistent. I am consistent. I am never hurt and I am always here.”

“It’s almost like, yes that is awesome, but at the same time I’ve never had the opportunity for the fans to miss me because I’m always here. That’s what people forget. Yes, I won a match this week and they’re like, ‘Oh she wins [all the time].’ But that’s not been the case. Actually, I’ve lost more matches than any female booked currently. It’s crazy.”

“I think with the stigma of the [Flair] name always being in the title picture… but like I said, I’m consistent and a workaholic. It’s a good thing but it’s a bad thing.”

Cagematch, which lists every single match she’s ever had, suggests she has lost around 42% of all her career matches, which would suggest that she loses 2 of every 5 matches she has.

Maybe we’ve all been a bit unfair on her.

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