Charlotte Flair On Becky Lynch Feud: ‘I Feel Like The Only Adult’

2 years ago by Andy Datson

Charlotte Flair On Becky Lynch Feud: ‘I Feel Like The Only Adult’

Charlotte Flair has hit back at multiple Becky Lynch comments ahead of their heated match at this weekend’s Survivor Series PPV.

Lynch has confirmed she lost it at Charlotte backstage after a very awkward in-ring segment following the WWE Draft, but even so, Charlotte says she feels like the “only adult” in the feud.

Speaking on the Masked Man Show, she said:

“I feel like the only adult. I’ve never used media, other than to talk about my success and what I want. Everyone knows that I want to be the best. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain myself and that people would want to understand that I want to be better and I didn’t come this far to come this far, but I didn’t use these opportunities as an outlet to tear down someone else’s career. Number one doesn’t talk about number two. Charlotte Flair is an easy target and have been a target since day one. I’m used to it. I have been on top since 2015.

“I know the pressure and the criticism that comes with it. Most importantly, I have to stay true to myself. I didn’t get to where I am without the help of others. Without facing Nikki Bella, without Sasha Banks and Becky at WreslteMania 32. Then Bayley coming. I know that in every feud I’ve had, I am a target. There is a lot that comes with the Flair name. I have never need to compare myself to someone else on my rise to the top. Do I take it personal? At this point, I take it personal that the audience can’t see the passion that oozes out of me every single Friday, Monday, or pay-per-view. I just main evented the UK Tour every night with Sasha Banks. You can’t rise to the top with short-lived attention. I’ve spent the last seven years earning this spot.I don’t get hot one minute and cold the other. I am the consistent diamond of the division. I am unbreakable.

“I feel like it’s WrestleMania 35 or the feud in 2019. Here you have Ronda and Becky tweeting God knows what they’re tweet and here I am like, ‘Okay, do your thing, the only adult in the room,’ or being attack for everything I’ve accomplished.”

Flair and Lynch go head to head this Sunday at Survivor Series.

Credit to Fightful for the transcription.

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