Charly Caruso Says She Feels Sorry For Dave Meltzer’s Wife

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Charly Caruso Says She Feels Sorry For Dave Meltzer’s Wife

Whether it’s being part of the pre-show panel before WWE pay-per-views or interviewing talent backstage during Monday Night Raw, Charly Caruso is one of the better backstage personalities that WWE has.

Caruso signed for WWE in early 2016 after doing some work with NXT. She was very soon moved up to Monday Night Raw.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Mene Gene Okerlund wouldn’t have got Caruso’s job as he wasn’t ‘young and cute’.

After being made aware of the comments on Twitter by a fan, Caruso took issue with the fact that Meltzer said she was only hired by WWE because she is attractive.

For those who aren’t aware, Mary Anne is the name of Dave Meltzer’s wife. Caruso claimed that she feels sorry for Mary Anne off the back of Meltzer’s rather dated comment.

According to her official page on, Caruso is an “announcing veteran who has done everything from news reporting — covering sports such as the NFL and the NBA — to lugging her own equipment into the hills as a one-woman band reporter”.

It is clear that while WWE might value her attractiveness and age, this is certainly not the only reason that they hired the talented Caruso.


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