Chavo Guerrero Discusses Andrade Using Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigos

4 years ago by Liam Winnard

Chavo Guerrero Discusses Andrade Using Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigos

In a recent interview with WrestlingInc, Chavo Guerrero discussed Rey Mysterio comparing Andrade to his uncle Eddie:

“First of all, there’s no one like Eddie. But, I wrestled Andrade only once…and it was what it was. It was in a tag team so we didn’t really get too much into it. But Rey would know because of the knock-down, drag-out matches he’s had with both of them.”

Chavo then went on to praise Andrade for keeping Eddie’s memory alive by performing the Three Amigos:

“I hate him [laughs]. No, that’s great. The reason I do the Three Amigos is as a tribute to Eddie, so anybody who does that move is a tribute to the person who originally did it. You emulate people because you see something that works and that you’re a fan of. Obviously, Andrade is a fan of Eddie and of that move-set…So hat’s off to him. That’s great that he’s keeping the memory alive.”

‘Chavito’ also talked about how he is still a “mark”, and so is everyone else:

“You never stop being a fan and I love when fans come to me and ask for a picture. They’ll be like, ‘I’m marking out.’ But you don’t understand, we’re all marks; we’re in this business because we’re marks. But we love the business and I never stopped being a fan.”

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