Former WWE Star Reveals How Iron Claw Movie Role Came To Be

Former WWE Star Reveals How Iron Claw Movie Role Came To Be A24

Wrestling veteran Chavo Guerrero has commented on his upcoming role on the Iron Claw movie about the Von Erichs.

Several notable names have been announced for the project including actors Zack Efron and Lily James, and AEW World Champion MJF.

Chavo Guerrero has previously worked on projects as a consultant and trainer for actors portraying wrestlers.

Speaking with Nick Hausman for Wrestling Inc, Guerrero recalled Alison Brie giving him the heads up that Iron Claw director Sean Durkin was trying to contact him.

Guerrero said:

“What happened is that I got called from the director, Sean Durkin, who recruited me to make this movie with him. That’s how it happened.

“Actually, I got a call from a funny mutual friend, Alison Brie. (She) called me and said ‘Hey Chavo, this director’s trying to get ahold of you. You may want to talk to him. He’s pretty good.’ So that’s kind of how it got started.”

Alison Brie notably starred in the Netflix series GLOW, which was a fictionalization focused on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion. Guerrero worked as a wrestling coordinator for the series.

Guerrero has more recently worked on Young Rock, the show about Dwayne Johnson’s early years.

Discussing the possibility of a Rock vs Roman Reigns bout, Guerrero noted that he wants to be involved in the potential dream match in some way.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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