Chelsea Green On Working With Matt Cardona At Slammiversary

Chelsea Green On Working With Matt Cardona At Slammiversary

Chelsea Green has opened up about teaming with her real-life fiancé, Matt Cardona, at IMPACT Slammiversary.

In the lead-up to July 17, Brian Myers would work alongside Matt Cardona’s ex-girlfriend Tenille Dashwood. At Slammiversary, Cardona teamed with Green to defeat Myers and Dashwood.

Speaking on her Green With Envy podcast, Green admitted that listening to Cardona was a challenge while working together. Noting that wrestling Dashwood wasn’t as awkward as she thought it would be, Green said:

“Working with your partner is f**king hard. This is working with them in a whole different capacity. Basically, Matt always thinks he’s right. To be honest, I kind of always have to listen to him. I’m seven years into wrestling, he’s 18, but I hate listening to him. That was a challenge.”

“If it wasn’t weird enough having our first match together, it was f**king weird going into it knowing we were going to be wrestling his ex-girlfriend. I think we pulled it off though. This wasn’t the first time his ex and I had spent some time together. At least that took the pressure off everything.

“A couple of months back, we all went to a birthday party together and we got the awkward first hangout out of the way. This wasn’t as awkward as I’m making it seem, it was more so the thought of it being awkward and the thought of the locker room watching us and then thinking it was awkward. (Tenille) is super cool and very relaxed. It all went smoothly.”

Green reportedly doesn’t have a full-time contract with IMPACT or ROH. She appeared at ROH Best in the World earlier this month after requesting to forgo the final week of her WWE non-compete clause.

Quote via Fightful.

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