AEW Star Discusses Choosing The Company Over WWE

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AEW Star Discusses Choosing The Company Over WWE AEW/WWE

An AEW star has discussed his reasoning for choosing All Elite Wrestling over WWE.

Since the inception of AEW in 2019, the wrestling landscape has changed and now the performers have a choice between two major promotions.

Anthony Ogogo is an accomplished professional boxer who is an Olympic medalist. He signed with AEW as their first developmental wrestler in 2019, but Ogogo had a chance with the other show in town.

Speaking on Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps, the AEW star discussed his status with the company and revealed that he had a choice between them and WWE.

Ogogo said:

“I had a choice with both companies, but I chose to go to AEW because I love the sports-based product, that’s what I like.

“I got, not told off, but I did a tweet recently and I haven’t been to AEW recently while we figure things out, not on TV, I’ve been doing Elevation, gaining experience, getting better, and honing my craft.”

The Factory member continued on to praise his mentor QT Marshall and AEW CEO Tony Khan as well as the management team, saying:

“I trust the boss. Tony Khan is an absolute genius. Like QT (Marshall), he’s a genius. Them two together then Sonjay Dutt who is unbelievable, Pat Buck who is great, Tony Schiavone is really good, the Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) and Kenny (Omega).”

“AEW management, you’ve got geniuses around the place and they work together so well, led by Tony Khan.”

Ogogo concluded on to praise QT and TK while noting some of his frustration with his current position in the promotion.

He said:

“I really trust QT and Tony Khan and trust where I’m at and that they’re going to bring me through at the right time and I’ll get the chance when it’s the right time in my development and my career.

“I do get frustrated because I am away from my family a lot and I am in a country that I don’t like being in, working hard for this dream and I want to get these chances.”

The Factory’s Lee Johnson will challenge Orange Cassidy for the AEW All Atlantic Championship on the November 11 edition of Rampage.

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