Chris Dickinson Confirms Injury After NJPW Battle In The Valley

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Chris Dickinson Confirms Injury After NJPW Battle In The Valley

Chris Dickinson has confirmed that he suffered an injury at the NJPW Battle of the Valley event, providing fans with a medical update.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Dickinson revealed that he had suffered a dislocation, and in the process experienced a ‘acetabulum posterior wall fracture’.’

Dickinson noted that he’ll most likely will be out of action for six months, but could possibly make a return to the ring in five. Promising to return hotter than ever, Dickinson wrote:

“So I’m going to give everyone an update on my situation. First off I want to apologize to the fans of NJPW and the company for not being able to compete at the Riverside event and future scheduled STRONG events today.

That being said I dislocated my leg out of the rear of my hip socket and in the process experienced an acetabulum posterior wall fracture. I will say the process of dealing with the pain of this type of dislocation is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

“It’s a clean break of one piece about the size of your thumb that needs to be reattached otherwise the femur can easily slip out of place. Hip injuries are generally way worse and I’m in good hands with highly experienced trauma surgeons that deal with way more extensive injuries brought on by car accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc.

“I may be getting surgery today depending on a few other way worse automobile related accidents that came in but absolutely tomorrow if not. My timeline I’ve been given for recovery is within the range of six months. My surgeon just said because of my background and athletic nature if I do everything right I can probably do it in five months. I give my word I will do my absolute best to return to the ring as fast as humanly possible.

“Thank you NJPW. I am blessed to have the best company behind me as well as the best brothers that stuck by my side all night on Saturday. I am alone here 3000 miles from home but to get have that in such a situation is the definition of respect and love. I love you guys so much.

As far as the future. This is poor timing. Anyone who knows me knows I will not rest until I return to wrestle for the Japanese fans. The world is opening up and we were just about to finally open that door. It’s just one more obstacle in my way until I can get back to you. But I love you all so much and I will return hotter than ever before. Please continue to support NJPW STRONG. I’LL BE BACK”

Dickenson suffered this injury after hitting a top rope frog splash in his tag bout with Brody King against Bateman & Misterioso during the November 13 show. After the match, ice was applied to Dickinson’s hamstring, before he was stretchered to the back.

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