Chris Hero ‘Itching’ To Return To The Ring

Chris Hero ‘Itching’ To Return To The Ring

Chris Hero (FKA Kassius Ohno) was released from WWE back in April 2020, and has made very few appearances for companies since his departure, with him most notably working for an agent at Ring of Honor Best In The World on July 11.

Hero recently spoke on his Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling? podcast about a potential return to the ring. Hero revealed that he is waiting for the perfect situation, but he is ‘itching’ to return to the ring.

Hero said:

“Brother, I am itching all the time, you know? But I’m also patient enough to realize I’ve sat out this long, I’ve waited this long. I’m not gonna pull the trigger until it’s the perfect thing. I don’t know when that is but I’ll know it when it happens and man, I am thirsty. I just wanna get back at it. I see so many people I wanna work with, so many people I just wanna kick the s**t out of. So many people that are previous opponents, new opponents, there’s so much I wanna get back at.”

Hero went on to explain how if he does return, he would prefer to have a player/coach role like he had in NXT before he left. Hero said:

“I can’t see myself wrestling somewhere and not caring about what else goes on-on the show, I can’t help it. I’m not gonna completely give unsolicited advice because I know that sucks when you’re just like ‘dude, I didn’t ask your opinion. I don’t care if you think it sucked.’ But I would like to work with companies in more than just performing. I’d at least like to have a seat at the table when it comes to having conversations about ‘oh, we’re thinking about doing this or what do you think about this?’

“And I like to use my experience to kind of give my opinion. If they take it, cool. If not, cool, but I think I can be very helpful for a number of companies so it will be exciting to do that. I know people look at me as the older brother, the uncle or whatever that will come in and kind of pass down a little wisdom but, you know, I’m gonna start knocking people on their ass again. I got so much more to do.”

Chris Hero was released from WWE back in April 2020 following a brief stint in NXT UK.

transcription via WrestlingInc

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