Current AEW Star Details ‘Real Animosity’ With Triple H

Current AEW Star Details ‘Real Animosity’ With Triple H WWE

Although they put on some standout matches when their paths crossed in the ring, a current AEW star didn’t always get on with Triple H.

Chris Jericho joined WWE in 1999 having found success during his run with WCW.

Speaking on his Jericho Chronicles Q&A session on the This is Jericho podcast, he spoke about the heat between him and Triple H when he joined WWE in 1999, saying:

“There were a lot of issues between the two of us.

“There’s a problem that I had with Chyna that was kind of predicated by him.”

Previously, Jericho had spoken about issues he had working with Chyna.

This wasn’t the only issue that would come from WCW guys arriving in the WWE locker room, with Jericho going on to explain:

“There was a lot of animosity for real, because I had the audacity to come to WWE.

“People didn’t like it.

“They didn’t want WCW guys coming to WWE, because they felt we were inferior.

“So you could do ten things right, but if you did one thing wrong, you were under a microscope and you were in trouble.

“And those guys had pull, so they’d bury you to Vince.”

Although Jericho was able to turn the tide of opinion towards him, Vince had his own thoughts on Jericho early in his WWE career, too.

Transcript from SEScoops.

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2 years ago by Dave Adamson


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