Chris Jericho Comments On CM Punk Drama

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Chris Jericho Comments On CM Punk Drama AEW

Another day, another bit of drama unfolding surrounding CM Punk, this time with a comment from AEW locker room leader, Chris Jericho.

While CM Punk kicked up controversy lately with some eye raising Instagram stories, one of the target’s of his rage has now commented on the drama.

Well, sort of.

After a fan mused via comment on Twitter that “Punk says you snaked your way into a leadership role with AEW…”, the Ocho had a firm response!

Jericho responded:

“Hmm not what he said at all. And by the way…go f**k your ass PP. 😏”

For sake of clarity, Jericho is correct (in at least the first half of his comment!)

In the since deleted CM Punk Instagram story, he referred to Jericho as “a liar” and “a stooge,” rather than a snake.

While Jericho has been publicly choosing his words carefully regarding Brawl Out and all ensuing drama, someone that we haven’t heard from candidly on the matter yet is about to speak out.

Announced today, Jon Moxley will be the guest on this week’s edition of his wife Renee Paquette’s podcast The Sessions with a promise coming via social media regarding the content of the chat.

You can read more about that by clicking this link. 

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