Chris Jericho Hits Back At ‘Critics’ Saying AEW All In London Will Fail

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Chris Jericho Hits Back At ‘Critics’ Saying AEW All In London Will Fail AEW

Tony Khan’s announcement last week that not only would All In be making it’s return but it would be doing so in London, England was one that actually lived up to the AEW President’s hype.

While, the news that AEW was running a UK show was already known it was Khan’s choice of venue for the event that was the true bombshell.

Khan would announce that for the first time in over thirty years, a professional wrestling show would be hosted at Wembley Arena, a stadium with a capacity of around 90,000 people.

Even for WWE this would be a massive undertaking, however, for AEW, who’s previous record attendance is 20,000 for Grand Slam 2021, it is a huge ask.

However, despite the question marks surrounding whether AEW can indeed fill Wembley, the event has had hit 25,000 in presale sign-ups, so at the very least it will surely break their previous attendance record.

Despite the event’s ambition, some fans have already deemed All In to be a failure, something that top AEW star Chris Jericho was quick to argue on Twitter.

Jericho would post:

Makes me laugh when critics already proclaim @aew #AllIn at @wembleystadium a failure. Nobody has ANY idea how many tickets we will sell…except the fact checkers & promoters who’ve done their research.

Once again, I expect a s**tload of loudmouths to have their mouths SHUT!

While it remains to be seen if AEW can get close to Wembley’s capacity, the event happening in itself will be a massive deal for the company, being the first time they’ve ran a show in the UK.

Another top AEW star recently discussed what he felt should main event All In, you can find out more here.

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