Chris Jericho Reveals His Heat With ‘Nickelodeon’s All That’ Actress

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Chris Jericho Reveals His Heat With ‘Nickelodeon’s All That’ Actress AEW

Chris Jericho has revealed his heat with a Nickelodeon’s All That actress.

Dating back to his time in WCW, Chris Jericho has always found a way to crossover to the mainstream.

In 1999, Jericho appeared on an episode of Nickelodeon’s Figure It Out. On the episode, he was on the panel with Lori Beth Denberg of “All That”.

Apparently, major heat was developed between the two during this edition of the program.

Speaking with RJ City on Hey EW, Jericho discussed his issues with Denberg.

He said:

“Big heat. I used to date Lori Beth Denberg. Haven’t thought of that name since 1999. Not sure I even remember what her name was then. Lori Ann Denberg, I’ll tell you what, she was a real [expletive].”

“Can’t say it on the camera. You’re not supposed to say that word on camera. Break the heart, rip it out of throat, throw it on ground, squish on it, and then dump green slime on my head.”

“That’s what I had signed up with her. Thanks for bringing that one up.”

When asked if he would put his differences aside and work with Denberg, Jericho answered:

“It’s always good for business. You always do what’s best for business, I learned that at my former employer.”

“I haven’t heard anything from her since. Is she still alive? If she’s out there and anyone knows Lori Beth Denberg’s whereabouts, please tweet us.”

Chris Jericho is set to defend the Ring of Honor World Championship against Claudio Castagnoli at ROH Final Battle on Saturday, December 10. For the full lineup for the Final Battle 2022 event, click here.

Transcription via Fightful

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