Ciampa hosts NXT Awards

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Ciampa hosts NXT Awards

NXT wrestler Tommaso Ciampa has decided to give out his own NXT awards, similar to the end of the year NBA Awards given out this past week.

Ciampa, via his twitter account, announced the winners in 5 different categories, including Best Interview, Comeback Sports Entertainer of the Year and Most Valuable Sports Entertainer. And in typical heel fashion, he swept every award.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been following ‘The Sicilian Psychopath’ this year as he has possibly become the top bad guy in WWE, whether on the main roster or down in NXT.  His year might get even better as he now has his sights set on the NXT Champion Aleister Black and taking that title for himself.

When the year is over and more “official” awards are given out, it would surprise no one to see his name along such accolades as Top Heel, Match of the Year and Feud of the Year along with his rival and former DIY partner, Johnny Gargano.

Who do you think should win these awards for the first half of 2018? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter here.

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