Ciampa Reacts To Edge’s Judgment Day Teases

Ciampa Reacts To Edge’s Judgment Day Teases WWE

When the Judgment Day was formed, Edge cut a promo introducing his new ally Damian Priest, before explaining that there were other members of the group on the WWE roster yet to reveal themselves.

Rhea Ripley joined the group back at WrestleMania Backlash, with Ciampa being the originally slated fourth member of the group alongside Edge, Ripley and Priest.

Edge has been taking part in teases on social media over the past few weeks of potential members of the group, with Ciampa’s picture being the first he dropped due to the heavy speculation.

Ciampa appeared on WWE’s El Brunch, where he was asked about the teases, to which he responded:

“I saw it. I don’t know if he’s fishing for likes or attention. I don’t partake in the ‘what if?’ game, I’m a bit more of a realist and take on things that are real and as they come in the present moment. It’s hard, in any business, but especially this business, if you get too consumed with the past, which is the past and it’s behind you and you can’t do anything about it or you get too consumed with the ‘what ifs, the future, this might happen,’ you get worried, get anxiety, get stressed out, I feel like you’re wasting your energy. Instead of doing that, just be exactly what is going on today. Today, I’m going to workout, swim, hang out with my kid. I’m going to do that. It’s hard to waste my energy on ‘what ifs’ or tomorrow. I like Edge, we get along, I’ve known him quite a bit more since neck surgery, we’ve gotten to know each other. If the opportunity comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too, I’m pretty good as a solo act. I don’t partake in that social media game and am not trying to put stuff out there just to get people talking. It’s not really my thing. If it comes and it happens, it’ll be a great moment. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be okay either way,”

Kevin Owens also reacted to Edge’s Twitter teases, mocking them with photos of his cats.

transcription via Fightful

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