Ciampa Tweets Mrs. Gargano

Ciampa Tweets Mrs. Gargano

Tommaso Ciampa sent Johhny Gargano’s mom a little Mother’s Day present. No, it wasn’t ProFlowers. The man with the blackest heart since Joan Jett tweeted Mama Gargano an image of him standing over a broken ‘Johnny Wrestling’.

Ciampa’s ominous message warns Mrs. Gargano to enjoy every moment she can with her son because she never knows what may befall him. If Ciampa’s last bitter tweet is any indication as to where his head is, then what may befall Gargano could be very painful indeed.

Ciampa will eventually look to avenge his tap-out loss at NXT Takeover: New Orleans and his warning to Mrs. Gargano may be the foreshadowing of the violence he intends for Johnny.

Keeping the hostilities going outside of the ring on social media has become standard, but rarely is it used this well. Take Kevin Owens, a guy we love to hate, and his social media is full of pics of him with his kids and stray animals. On the main roster, Natalya will tweet something about Naomi having an ugly outfit and that’s the basis for their match on TV that night. That’s how they use social media. There’s no build up, it’s just high school drama that we don’t care about or we’d be watching old re-runs of Dawson’s Creek.

Ciampa, however, is making this stuff personal, and on a holiday no less. The social media jabs are supplemental to real emotional feud, not the basis of it. This is further proof NXT knows how to build a story and use the tools at their disposal better. Or at the very least, allows the talent the freedom to enrich their own storylines.


Did you have a happy Mother’s Day? Is Ciampa the best heel in pro wrestling? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter here.

5 years ago by Cody Brooks


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