CJ Perry Reveals Vince McMahon’s Original Plan For WWE Table Storyline

5 months ago by Dave Adamson

CJ Perry Reveals Vince McMahon’s Original Plan For WWE Table Storyline WWE

Many saw Lana’s ongoing WWE story of being put through tables by Nia Jax as a punishment, but CJ Perry has a different insight on events.

Following an interview with CJ Perry, Fightful Select (subscription required) reports that CJ Perry was of the belief that the table storyline which mostly took place during WWE’s Thunderdome era, was actually intended to get Nia Jax over.

Fighful wrote:

“CJ said not only did she not believe she was being punished for Miro joining AEW in the Nia Jax table storyline, but that she actually pushed for the angle to happen. In fact, she and Liv Morgan went back and forth over who would be the one who got to participate in the angle.

“However, it was originally Vince McMahon’s plan to use the repeated table spots as a catalyst to get Nia Jax over as a babyface before it went the other way.”

Miro has occasionally referenced Perry on AEW TV. Addressing these references,  Perry told Fightful that Miro doesn’t run plans for these references by her, so they always come as a surprise.

Discussing here own in-ring future, Perry noted that she hasn’t been involved in any extended talks with AEW. The former WWE star noted that she’s open to the occassional match, stating that she’s interested in telling stories and creating ‘compelling storylines’.

Perry was released from her WWE contract in June 2021, over a year after Miro’s WWE departure in April 2020.

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