Claudio Castagnoli Reveals His Plans For Next ROH World Title Reign

Claudio Castagnoli Reveals His Plans For Next ROH World Title Reign AEW

Claudio Castagnoli has revealed his plans for a second Ring of Honor World Championship reign, ahead of ROH Final Battle.

At the December 10 pay-per-view, Castagnoli will challenge for Chris Jericho’s ROH World Title in a bout where if Castagnoli loses, he will be forced to join the Jericho Appreciation Society faction.

Jericho originally won the gold from Castagnoli at the September 21 Dynamite: Grand Slam special.

Following his victory, Jericho vowed to defeat every former ROH champion and ‘desecrate’ the promotion’s legacy.

Speaking with  Dallas Morning News, Castagnoli noted that he plans to use the ROH World Championship to showcase rising stars.

Castagnoli said:

“I would be a fool to say that Chris Jericho didn’t defend the title a lot, and in some tremendous matches and brought a lot of eyes to the Ring of Honor World Championship just by defending against all comers in AEW.

“I would love to win the title back, A. So I don’t have to join the Jericho Appreciation Society, and B. So I can bring honor back to the ROH Championship

“Then I would like to defend it in a similar way that he did, but not against former champions.

“I feel like I would like to defend it against young talent that has been grinding their teeth, for example, on AEW Dark, and hasn’t had that chance yet to showcase that talent on television.

“Give them a shot at the Ring of Honor Title because I feel like that’s what it’s always been and meant was to showcase new talent and give talent the chance (who may not have) another outlet.

“That’s what Ring of Honor always was. It was kind of the proving ground for people to prove how good they really were before mainstream saw it.”

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