WWE Name Criticizes ‘Childish’ CM Punk Instagram Post

3 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Name Criticizes ‘Childish’ CM Punk Instagram Post AEW

WWE NXT commentator Booker T has criticized CM Punk for his ‘childish’ Instagram post about the booking of his last matches with AEW.

On Thursday (March 23), Punk shared an Instagram story post to reveal that he wasn’t a fan of the idea to lose quickly to Moxley in their undisputed title match on the August 24 edition of Dynamite.

Also claiming that Moxley refused to lose to him in that bout, Punk wrote:

SIGH. I wasn’t cleared to come back to wrestle yet. Then plan was to wrestle at the ppv. I sat and listened to moxleys Rocky three idea. I explained how I’d never seen a Rocky movie.

I thought the idea sucked but if the boss wanted to do it whatever. He said he wouldn’t lose to me. I’d never experienced someone refusing to lose to me. I just laughed.

I asked Tony if this was what he wanted. He said yes. He’s the boss so I said okay but I’d need to be cleared first. They kept saying it could just be a squash se l didn’t need to be cleared.

I scoffed at that. My health is more important. Dave Meltzer is a liar. Jericho is a liar and a stooge. There were plans but plans always change but I’ll never put a company above my health ever again.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T questioned the decision to make all of this information public:

“One thing about insider information and stuff like that, brother, it just goes to show me what this business is.

Where you’re talking about the business, and giving all of the insider information to the fans that watch. They’re the ones that’re writing your check.

That’s the dumbest thing I could ever imagine in my life! Certain terms being used in that little soliloquy… It just amazes me how childish these guys really are.” 

After praising Chris Jericho for his professionalism, Booker T once again called the situation childish, calling it:

“The (most) childish thing I’ve ever seen in my life, as far as a 44-year-old man talking on (Instagram).”

More details have now emerged on rumored heat between Punk and Moxley, which you can read more about right here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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