CM Punk Confirms Meaning Of Writing On His Shoes During AEW Debut

CM Punk Confirms Meaning Of Writing On His Shoes During AEW Debut

When CM Punk made his return to professional wrestling on the August 20 episode of AEW Rampage, many eagle-eyed fans had noticed that Punk had initials written on his trainers.

This was clearly intentional, as a very visable ‘AC’ and ‘CF’ were written on his footwear. This lead to much speculation about what it could possibly all mean, with a lot of people speculating that they could be the initials of AEW’s next big signings (Adam Cole and Charlotte Flair being the first names that came to mind).

This theory came after Kenny Omega clearly teased Punk’s arrival in similar fashion (no pun intended) on Dynamite, by wearing ‘Cookie Monster’ and ‘Chick Magnet’ t-shirts, both with clear ‘CM’ initials.

However, we can all put our tinfoil hats away now, as Punk has clarified what the initials actually stood for in an interview with the New York Post, and it has nothing to do with new AEW arrivals.

Punk explained:

I stole this from LeBron James; a lot of basketball players will write messages on their shoes and stuff. I wrote AC on my shoes and CF on the other foot. AC is Always Chicago and CF is Chicago Forever.

So there you have it people, Punk isn’t subtley teasing the arrival of the next AEW signings, he’s simply paying homage to his hometown.

transcription via Fightful

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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