CM Punk Doesn’t Believe WWE Culture Will Change Following Vince McMahon Retirement

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CM Punk Doesn’t Believe WWE Culture Will Change Following Vince McMahon Retirement AEW

A top AEW star doesn’t believe that the WWE culture will change following Vince McMahon’s retirement and Triple H taking over.

On July 22, Vince McMahon announced his decision to retire, leaving Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan to assume the position of Co-CEOs. On July 25, Triple H assumed all creative duties for the main roster.

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con (via Absolute Geek Podcast), former WWE star and current AEW World Champion CM Punk gave his thoughts on if he believed the structure in WWE would change.

In regards to Vince McMahon’s retirement, Punk said:

“You think because he tweeted that ‘I’m retired’ that he’s not going to be hands-on?”

The AEW World Champion continued to use Brock Lesnar leaving the July 22 edition of SmackDown and returning later as an example to explain his belief that he doesn’t think the culture will change.

He said:

“I don’t think the structure there, the….what’s the word I’m looking for…I don’t think the culture there changes at all. It is what it is. I’ll put it to you like this. Oh boy, people are going to be real f**king mad about this, but f**k it. Mercedes [Sasha Banks] and Trinity [Naomi] leave, they announce on SmackDown that, ‘gosh darn, we are so disappointed in them, they really let our fans down.’ Brock splits. Comes back, obviously, I think he worked the show. Where is Michael Cole saying, ‘Brock Lesnar really let these fans down.’ I walked out. They went on TV and called me a quitter. What’s changed? What’s the difference? You’re going to attack these two poor women who had enough and walked. They have bigger balls than everybody there. What’s changed? There’s nothing much that has changed. There’s people that talk about it and people who do it. The people who lick the boots and have the audacity to say that about those two women. F**king cowards and bootlickers. This s**t is ridiculous. Why didn’t they do it to Brock? They did it for me. It’s none of my business.”

When Lesnar showed up at the end of SmackDown, Michael Cole and Pat McAfee referenced the reports of Brock leaving ahead of the show.

Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of WWE ahead of the May 16 episode of WWE Raw and were suspended indefinitely in response. They were also stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

During the May 20 edition of SmackDown, Michael Cole announced the suspension and said they let the WWE Universe down.

CM Punk is currently out of action with a foot injury after winning the AEW World Championship at the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view.

Keep track of Punk’s win-loss record in AEW (for televised matches) at this link.

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