CM Punk Doesn’t See Wrestling Unions Happening

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

CM Punk Doesn’t See Wrestling Unions Happening

With the circumstances surrounding the recent firing of Zelina Vega, the talk of WWE wrestlers forming a union is a hot issue. Someone familiar with WWE’s strict policies is CM Punk. Interestingly, Punk doesn’t believe that this talk of unionization will amount to anything.

As a guest on Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette, Punk claimed that as long as there are wrestlers willing to cut everyone else down to get ahead, ‘the boys’ won’t actually support each other.

Punk blamed his cynical take on the backstage environment on the biased WWE management. He claimed it would be one rule for him and another for company favourites, using Xavier Woods as an example. Here is the quote, courtesy of Wrestle Zone:

“So this is where I’ll get controversial and I’ll piss a lot of people off. I don’t know Xavier Woods. I met him in Atlanta, he was doing a dark match one time. He came up and asked me for advice, or maybe it was ‘hey, did you see my match?’, I don’t know. He was always a good wrestler, he could always do everything but there wasn’t like a character for him at that time.

Obviously, he’s become like a pretty big Superstar and from what I understand, he’s big on Twitch. He’s a big video gamer and all this other stuff, so I don’t know what’s going on with his Twitch channel. So I don’t want to speak out of turn about that. But like I just saw he was like petitioning to get a job with G4. Does WWE get money from that? Why is it okay for him to do that but Zelina Vega can’t have a Twitch?”

Xavier runs UpUpDownDown, a gaming brand that has even been acknowledged on WWE programming.

After pondering why Woods was allowed to keep UpUpDownDown, but other wrestlers were told to cease third-party activities, Punk said this:

“That was always my thing and I think people have labelled me a ‘complainer’ or ‘whiny’ because I would always be the guy that’d be like, wait why is ‘so-and-so’ able to do this because there was always outside interest and not just for me. I remember one particular person got a role playing a wrestler because they knew somebody who is producing this television show for this certain channel and then when it got shuffled to the office it all of a sudden. ‘No, you can’t do that.’ Then the next thing you know, John Cena is doing it. Yeah, they would literally take every single request that came through and they would funnel it to the one person that they wanted to be the face of the company.”

CM Punk left WWE in early 2014 due to frustrations with WWE management. Although it’s been almost a decade since his famous ‘pipebomb’ promo, Punk is still able to get the wrestling world talking with just a microphone.

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